Classes with Roddy

I stared poerty classes with Roddy Lumsden this week. Music and Form is the title of the course. Roddy’s poems are often very musical. In class, we read the lyrics to various songs and then listened to the music – Kate Bush, Mary Margret O Hara, Tori Amos. A very interesteing experiment – to see how words work once linked to another art form – like music. I am now a convert to Tori Amos.

Roddy Lumsden has a new collection out soon, in March. Such a generous tutor and so active on the poerty scene, it promises to be a party not to miss.  We discussed, later in the pub, who will be the next Poet Laureate and the front runners, according to my spies, seem to be Ian Mc Millan or Jackie Kay. Both great choices.

Chin chin.


~ by moniqueroffey on January 21, 2009.

2 Responses to “Classes with Roddy”

  1. I’m interested in how this will turn out, so I’ll be following your blog. There are those who disdain form as somehow inauthentic, but Bob Marley showed us that it wasn’t form that was the enemy of poetry

  2. Aha – why does Marley keep making appearances in my life all of a sudden? Emancipate yourself from mental slavery – is a phrase which has been hitting me over the head for the last two weeks – a phrase borrowed from Marcus Garvey.

    Form can be very liberating. You need to know it’s there, no, so you can take it or leave it. Too many poets writing today shun form but have never even tried it. With good reason. I love the way modern voices and subjects look when formalised.

    I’ll be following your blog too.
    I’ll send my pentateuch very shortly!
    Stay Lively,

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