Misquoting Jesus

Today I tried to get in to work, work being at Chichester University, where I am the RLF Fellow. The 8.23am train was cancelled. The 9.02am train was delayed. I then got on a train which departed at 9.17am for Chi – which took exactly ONE HOUR to get to East Croyden.  So, weedy or not, I did a quick calculation of how long the rest of the journey there and back would take – and promptly got off and turned back for home.

I was reading a wonderful book all through this hour – Misquoting Jesus, By Bart D. Ehrman. This book is a very well-written piece of scholarship on how Christianity is a ‘book lead’ religion, a religion founded on books and letters and texts. It discusses how and who put the New Testament together – and how much of it has been – to say the least – tweaked – by scribes all along the way. Stuff you don’t get taugt at school, or anywhere else, no less.

I am reading in preparation for my new memoir and trip to Tibet. Another good classic beside my bed is The Art of Loving by Eric Fromm, solid and sometimes quite tantric advice and philosophy on the nature of love.

“There is masculinity and feminiity in character as well as sexual function.” he says – to quote Fromm accurately. This is interesting – a contemporary Western scholar whose ideas coincide with ancient Eastern ideas, tantric ideas. I am keen to explore these overlaps in thinking for my book. Please leave tips and comments if you know of other reading avenues for me to pursue.

Talking of books – and by proxy – writers – tonight I plan to watch the documentary on Terry Pratchett – and his investigation into his own Alzheimers.

Due to pains in my hands and arms, I am currently having my ‘work station’ assessed by the goverment re RSI risks. This can be done for free and the ‘ergonomic tools’ you may need can also be substantially funded by the state. Call 0208 426 3110 if you have similar concerns.


~ by moniqueroffey on February 4, 2009.

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