Facebook wildcat campaign to name Mimi as the next Laureate

Some of you will be aware of the wildcat campaign launched a few weeks back on Facebook by Roddy Lumsden to elect Mimi Khalvati as the next Poet Laureate.  The moment the notice appeared it was followed by a flurry of excited responses by Mimi’s army of fans. yes – of course she is the perfect choice. Debate over. Mimi is beautiful, graceful, kind, a great and benevolent teacher – all this and and a fine and accomplished poet.  Also, the ex-wife of the late great EA Markham.  Mimi has clout in the poet’s world, sex appeal and a noteworthy personal story.

So…well, the campaign has trailed  a little. When I saw her and mentioned the campaign at the Charles Simic gig – she gasped with incredule and burst into peels of laughter.

But there is one teensy weensy factor that may work against the fabulous Mimi. Ooooh….this blogger wonders just what could it be?

Her Iranian passport?

Erm??? Could that be it?? Tehran being her place of birth.

I  bet she hasn’t even been considered. Oh well, back to the drawing board.

~ by moniqueroffey on February 11, 2009.

One Response to “Facebook wildcat campaign to name Mimi as the next Laureate”

  1. I don’t know Mimi: but I did know Archie Markham (he taught me on my MA, and said some wonderful things about my writing). I miss him greatly. Just the fact that he thought highly of her is enough for me to give her my vote, no matter where her passport is from.

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