It’s started

This morning the uncorrected proof of my new novel arrived from my publishers in Australia.  Australia! Wow – it’s s so far away – and yet people there, a publisher no less, I mean a very good one, Penguin – care about me and my novel – The White Woman on the Green Bicycle. It’s kind of amazing. I’ve never even met my editor there, the whole deal was done via email and telephone.

When the uncorrected proofs arrive you know then, that it’s all really happening, or going to happen. It’s not a faraway abstract idea, or a dream, or a joke or something that could go wrong, get unplanned.  It means the book making process is in action; there is a machine behind it. It’s a glorious feeling, to hold the product of three years work in your hands – in book form.  I marvelled at how great it looks in print, and then checked to see if it still read word for word as I wrote it.  A designer has given it a dazzling jacket cover – it looks slick.

The book is being sent out now, to all sorts of people in Australia: other writers, booksellers, press etc. Hopefully it might even gather some attention. 

You write and write for years and it’s a weird, slow, arduous, lonely inward procees only understood by others who do the same. You write stories as an act of committment, to the page, to the story itself. You will stories into being – and you can only hope that one day they might be read by others.

But when you hold what you have willed into being in your hands – it’s a very strange feeling – you can’t remember quite how you did it – all those strange long hours, all that tugging and pulling of words out from your inner stuff – on to the screen. It’s hard to recall how you did it – or even why. It feels startling to look at – how on earth did I do that?

My mother always says you forget the pain of labour after the birth of a child. I feel a little the same. A bit dazed and incredulous. I have made this story; it is now a book. It’s quite a fat book too. How on earth did I write such a fat book?

Very odd.

It’s started. The long slow hearbreaking procees of publication.


~ by moniqueroffey on February 21, 2009.

3 Responses to “It’s started”

  1. Bravo Mon, and many congratulations. A long gestation – to be followed by a glorious delivery and a well-deserved welcoming ceremony/celebration. And hopefully no sleepless nights. Looking forward to meeting the woman and the bicycle as a reader and admirer of her clever creator.

  2. Well done Mon! You sounds so proud. I’m looking forward to feeling the weight of this one. Good luck and don’t forget the reviews for you web pages. This is going to be your year.

  3. Thanks, pals!

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