King Lear

Just back from King Lear at the Young Vic. Riveting from start to finish. Many scenes , many all male, which mesmerised, including: Pete Postlethwaite talking to a potted fern, him also mad in a dress and broken Chinese parasol, dancing a jig. Edgar, sexy Edgar – who was he? The storm scene – ahhh….and the fool, a quasi Keith Ledger with ginger hair – much else.  Strong cast. At last, I get to see a fine production of Lear. Last April, on my birthday I went to see Lear with a gaggle of girl friends at The Globe. Awful. People laughed in the storm scene. We all left and went and got pissed in the bar.

God how you can get something brilliant so wrong.

Snatch of lit-goss: tomorrow poet Neil Rollinson moves in as my new flatmate. We plan to set up a min-Arvon style writing centre – just me and him. We have both centre directed and teach for Arvon regularly.  Watch this space.


~ by moniqueroffey on March 24, 2009.

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