Third Wish Wasted

Just back from the launch of poet Roddy Lumsden’s latest collection, Third Wish Wasted. It has  a pic of an Arctic Fox leaping in the air, very cute, very unexpected for a male poet. Tons of people there, including many poets and students of Roddy’s.  Chatted to my flatmate Neil, Gareth Jones, Ross Barber, Julia Bird, my agent Isobel Dixon, Philip Cowell of the Arvon Foundation, Alan Buckley, many others. Drank too much. Someone came up to me and said they saw a poem of mine in the latest Frogmore Papers. I was blown away. Made my year!

Today is my last day at The Travel Bookshop.  Such a nice team. Very clever bookish types. I bought a rabbit fur coat today.

I am approaching financial ruination.

I have lately taken to wearing tachyon earplugs.

~ by moniqueroffey on March 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Third Wish Wasted”

  1. what are tachyon earplugs please?

  2. Tachyon is made from sub-atomic particles – very healng – I am hoping they help my ears.

  3. I hope they do. xxx

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