Love, Sex and Death

I now live with a poet. We have very different working hours. I like to be up early, at my computer with coffee and toast, by 8am. I work ’til lunch time and then see how it goes after that. Sometimes the gymn, or a pop to the shops. A bit of editing, maybe. But by 4pm I’m done. All the juice is squeezed out. I simply can’t get anything written after 6pm – no brain energy – no nuttin’.

Neil, surfaces between 11am and 2pm. He makes himself strong black coffee and then potters about upstairs; we chit chat a bit about our work. He has read a few of my sonnets and I plan to take some of his poems away with me over Easter. But Neil doesn’t get going with the writing till late in the night, maybe 11pm and writes into the small hours, often with a bottle of wine for company.

Of course, we are both poor. We scrape by. I teach a bit at home and have suggested to Neil that we collaborate our teaching skills over the summer to help pay the rent. So – we will be doing a series of three workshops over the summer: Love, Sex and Death.

Arvon in the big city has been launched: watch this space.


~ by moniqueroffey on April 7, 2009.

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