Tell Tales Launched

Belatedly, due to flu, I can report that Tell Tales – The Global Village has been successfully launched. It happened at the Blag Club, Notting Hill, a few days ago. Last Thursday, to be precise. Many good people came, inlcuding the new Director of Arvon Ruth Borthwick and Phillip Cowell, who I adore and want to have love-children with.

The fabulous Sophie Woolley read, as did Drew Gummerson and Keith Jarrett. I even made an impromptu speech, with a rather hoarse voice. I had to leave soon afterwards, though, due to flu-like symptoms. I walked to the tube with poet Catherine Smith, who wrote a cracking story for the collection set in cyberspace. I am very proud to have co-edited this collection.

During the evening Matt Thorne came up to me and said he didn’t know if he was proud or scared be published alongside one of his own students – Nina Joshi. True, a writer has to take stock when a new generation springs up, especially one they’ve personally nurtured.

But several of the established writer/tutors I know had students in this collection – Julia Bell is mentor to Keith Jarrett. Catherine Smith is mentor to Julia H. King. One of Jim Friels students also got in, Tamsin Cottis. Also Emily Pedder’s student, Justine Mann. All this is a good thing.

Olive Senior, a famous Caribbean short story writer opens this collection. Unknown writer Foluke Taylor closes the collection. There is much talent in between.

TT4 is available through my online bookshop or on Amazon.


~ by moniqueroffey on April 7, 2009.

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