The Pugilist 3

Boxing was cancelled today. Mr A was off watching some men’s match and forgot to unlock the gymn. So me and the writer Julia Bell sauntered off to the nearest pub and caught up on our lives. Julia rocks. She is one of the most grounded and sorted women I know.  I enjoy the company and companionship of many women, and I especially enjoy that of women who have also taken up the pen.

Anne Finch was one of our earliest female poets; she said that female creativity was linked to female sexual frustration.

I think female creativity is very possibly born from sexual frustation. Come to think of it, sexual frustration may also be the reason why women take up boxing.

I did not make it to Putney, where the poets are at a book launch for John  Hartley Williams. I am contemplating my plans for travel to Tibet next month. I need to get fit to make my expedition to Mount Kailash.

I will indeed keep up the boxing.


~ by moniqueroffey on April 26, 2009.

One Response to “The Pugilist 3”

  1. You might enjoy ‘Gendering Poetry’ by Vicki Bertram (Pandora Press). Sadly it’s out of print but you can sometimes find copies on Amazon and if not, I have a copy you’re welcome to borrow.
    It explores the role of gender in both the construction and reading of a poem; very thorough and accessible.

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