epiphany on a daily basis?

Up late last night. People came round for dinner. Talked a lot about books and films and art. Donna said she preffered Cormac McCarthy to William Faulkner. Even though I’ve listed (on my website) that McCarthy is a literary influence, I think that’s not really quite the case. As a writer I’d say Faulkner is an influence and McCarthy is a writer I admire, probably as one of the greatest writers alive today.

Half way through dinner, me and Kitty went to buy Rizzlas. We chatted in the doorway of a betting shop. A man in a hoody came to chat us up. We walked home chatting about men – and how they like ‘the chase’ etc.

My guests left, leaving me alone with my poet flatmate Rollinson.

Rollinson claims to have an ‘epiphany every day’. He claims to be open to and astonished by life, every day.  A bit piqued, I said: 

“Okay – what epiphany did you have yesterday, then?”

“I had a pizza and glass of wine. It was great.”

“And the day beffore?”

“I woke to blue skies. I thought, ‘today will be a great day’.”

“Okay the day before that?”

“I had coffee with the man on the platform at Willesden Junction tube station.”

“What man on the station platform?”

“At the cafe, you know the one.”


“You’ve never seen the cafe?”


I can report, dear reader, to my self-horror, that I have never seen the cafe on the platform.  Not in two years. I feel bad about this. I feel like a fraud. Neil has vsited all the dives in Harlesden and knows all the rif-raf, street life.

I know some of them too. For instance, I have a relationshp with One Pound Man.

Anyway, I feel a bit pissed off and humbled. I guess that why Neil’s  a poet, eh? An epiphany every day.

I need to go to bed for a couple of hours and then rise to walk on Hampstead Heath.


~ by moniqueroffey on May 5, 2009.

3 Responses to “epiphany on a daily basis?”

  1. I once had an epiphany at Victoria Station, having missed the 10.47pm to the coast – thus having to wait for the next train, and kill time in the bookshop. It occurred whilst reading a book about horrific modern abattoir practices in the UK. I didn’t buy the book but my conscience was so troubled I decided to become a vegetarian. The next day I went for a walk on the South Downs with my friend Kerry and her dog, Ziggy. It was very windy and difficult to hear, so we had to shout to each other, rather than talk. I shouted ‘Well, Kerry, I have to tell you I had an epiphany last night at Victoria Station.’ She shouted back, ‘You had an epic fanny last night at Victoria Station? Wow, that’s very cool.’ Just thought I’d share that with you.

  2. Your mate is right, we need one daily to centre our lives, forget the negetives and so on. Perhapa ephinany is the wrong word for me, being present & appreciative of life.

    Of course it helps being on a beach or boat

  3. Something I do – which sounds very cheesey but actually really works – is to keep a gratitide journal. Each night before going to sleep I write down five things that have happened that day that I’m grateful for. It can be litle things like ‘I’m glad the bluetits ate the bread off the bird-table’ or big things like ‘I’m glad I live with people I love.’ At first I thought I’d have trouble thinking of five things each day – some days, let’s face it, are a bit shit – but now I find it hard to stop at five because if you ‘replay’ your day with a consciously positive frame of mind, you can always find at least five things that make you realise you’re lucky.

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