Poetry and Stripping

So. It’s finally happened. The perfect night out. Poetry and strip-tease. A few months ago me and my mate Rose were thinking of launching a unique club which would offer lots of poetry interspersed with burlesque and strip-tease. Johnny Blue Eyes, stripper and stylst to Kate Moss, might compere, for instance. We’d get Empress Stah and Joe Dunthorne. etc etc. Oh, what fun.

Tonight – well. It happened. Or something very much along the lines of what we had been envisioning.

Early evening, I atttended the launch of four new poetry collections by Donut Press: Paul Farely, Tim Turnbull and Time Wells, also a beautiful woman, Liane Strauss. It was held at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. It was okay, the usual poetry crowd. Actually, I gatecrashed. Neil knew about it, so I binged an email to Paul. Anyway, I got a bit crotchety. Well, I’ll be honest: sometmes the poetry crowd can be a bit serious. A bit stiff, if you like.  (Hence the idea for our club). I got itchy and grumpy. So I left. I would’ve loved to have collared Farley for a good old chinwag – but he was being mobbed. So I said goodbye to him and slipped out.

I got a few metres outside the club when I bumped staight into luscious tantrika Georgie. We’d had dinner a few nights earlier. (Georgie will be helping me with some reserach for my current work of non-fiction).

I was soon swept up into Georgie’s night out – which was an evening of burlesue stripping on the floor above the poetry launch. It was some kind of burlesque stripathon.  Yay.

Burlesque stripping?

I’m talking this: a woman tied helium balloons to her bra and then took it ff.  The bra (red lace) floated away, above the heads of the audience.

Also: a cowgirl stripping down to her nipple tassels and handfuls of hay.

And Madam Jojo (Jo King) , aged 50, in leopard print tails and basque, cracking jokes about her menapausal hot flushes.

Superb evening.

I did mention the stripping upstairs to a handful of the poets donwstairs. But none came up.

Tsk. I wonder why.


~ by moniqueroffey on May 7, 2009.

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