The Pugilist 4

Boxing again today. Much sparring against fellow author Julia Bell, who can throw quite a hefty punch. As we sparred, two of the more (well, very) experienced girls (women) put on padded head gear and went at each other properly. You know, like men do.

I was so amazed, that I took my eye off Julia and she biffed me on the nose.  I squawked. I squeak and yelp and squawk at everything.  All the other women ignore me and think this is very uncool.

Jen showed me how to do hooks and where to keep my feet.  How I shouldn’t follow through, a hook is supposed to connect with another person’s head, most specifically the jaw.  You have to move your feet to throw a hook and keep your elbows in at all times, right glove covering your chin.

We did work on the bags too and then we each had a turn with the pads with Perry.

Breakthrough: I can now skip like a boxer. A little shuffle, tap, tap, tap. Not that great gaumpfing over the ropes like a small pony, that was happening before. I skip now just like the fitter girls, just like Hilary Swank etc.

I am stiff and sore. Rolinson is making tuna stew. I’m going out to get some wine. I know I’ve said this before, but it dawns on me every time I go. It’s not boxercise. It’s not swingnastics either. Its not some kind of women’s boxing keep fit class. It’s proper boxing!

I dread the day I end up donning the padded head gear and going head to head in the ring with Julia Bell.


~ by moniqueroffey on May 10, 2009.

One Response to “The Pugilist 4”

  1. My mate , Walter Mego , fancies you . He boxed a bit, fought a bit, now he writes a bit. Your book , your memoir is a bit between the teeth at the moment. He likes it. I like it too. You’re yum.Thanks Monique.

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