A Day in the Life Of…

Today my mother sent me pics, yes, pics – j-pegs – of my full page interview in Australian Woman’s Weekly.

I am so thrilled with being chosen as ‘author of the month’ that I have taken to wearing the GREAT READ sticker on my forehead.

As I’m leaving the house this morning, poet Catherine Smith calls to tell me I have spelled ‘Grasmere’ wrong in my last post. It has only one ‘s’. We chat and our convo goes dead in the tunnel.

I go to Hampton Court to see flame-haired Goddess Jan Day. We discuss many things, including the great Eastern mystics, and the less great and often fallable male Western love gurus, like David Deida, et al. We discuss bio-energetics and body work and tantra. We eat salmon salad on her patio.  Jan tells me about her life. I sit and listen in awe.  I hear tales of Osho and the Rolls Royces and rose petals falling from the sky.

Her husband Frieder comes home and we talk about alcoholism.

I am planning a month’s detox in June. No alcohol, no coffee and no men.

I then meet sexy Helen for dinner on the Southbank. We talk of love and men and sex and I tell her I am giving up all of the above for a month before my holiday in Cap D’Agde in July – a purpose built city for swingers and libertines – made famous in Atomised, by Michele Houllbeque. He is a writer I greatly admire. I go to do research for the next book. (True).

I come home. It is midnight. I have been wearing high heels all day and my feet ache.

I need a bath.

I need a good book.

I would settle for a bad man.


~ by moniqueroffey on May 28, 2009.

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