The Book of Secrets

Just dipping my toe into this door-stop of a book. The Book of Secrets is essential reading for anyone interested in meditation and Eastern sprituality. It’s a book which comprises of 112 ancient sutras (and 1133 pages) which advise on how to live well.  These sutras have been translated by the late Osho; they are a contemporay mystic’s commentary on the Lord Shiva’s 5000-year-old Vigyam Bhairav Tantra. They are ‘techniques for going beyond consciousness’. they are a quest for Osho’s legendary ‘super-consciousness’.

Tantra – means ‘technique’. Tantra in the modern age is mostly associated with sex: true, tantrikas study technique when it comes to sex, and while this book is more or less the bible for tantrikas, less than half a dozen of these techniques have anything to do with sex. Most have to do with ideas around being at ease with oneself, being attentive, going beyond attachment to material things and people.

Here are some of the techniques or ‘keys’ explained:

Five techniques of attentiveness

Devices to transcend dreaming

techniques to put you at ease

self-actualisation:the basic need

changing the direction of energy

beyond the sin of unconsciousness

three looking techniques

unlocking the third eye

Yes, dear reader. Today marks the start of a six week detox. I am happy to report that four hours in –  it is going well. I did not rule out herbal and smokable substances in my list of things to avoid in the next six weeks. So I plan to spend much of it in my garden, reading from this great tome and smoking  a few herbs for medicinal purposes.

 On a different note: my weekend of pure work was happily interrupted by a phone call from tantrika/musician and surfer Ivan Knight.  I met Ivan at a fetsival in Spain last year. He has devoted his life to being a drummer in various hip US Indie bands and surfing the seas of the world. He lives in Barcelona – and so it was perhaps unwise to take him to a tapas bar.

Never mind. Ivan was in good form, on his way to Bali to surf for three months.

Nice friends came round for dinner on Friday and Sunday night. I am eating a lot of fish at the moment. And raw food! (I had lunch at SAF, a raw food restaurant a couple of weesk ago). I bought a food processor over the weekend and have been slicing up a raw food feast.

Raw food, marijuana and learning new techniques for ‘opening my third eye’.  Detox – writer-style.


~ by moniqueroffey on June 1, 2009.

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  1. What happened to the tea-pigs please?

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