How to Paint a Dead Man

Sarah Hall’s fourth novel How to Paint a Dad Man was launched last night in the Old Crown on New Oxfrod Street. Reviews, I hear, are already coming in fast and thick. Sarah is a powerful writer, very beautiful and generous too. I like her a lot and I’m sure this book will also win prizes.  Must settle immediately to reading this book.

Sarah and I discussed Green Bottles and Green Bicycles back in 2005 in the kitchen at Totleigh Barton. It’s great to know that both books have been made. Sarah kindly gave me a cover quote for WWOGB.

The launch was attended by many great and good people, including Rowan Pelling, ex editor of the Erotic Review. She was wearing gold Vivienne Westwood T-bar shoes. I spotted a fellow shoe-fetishist before we were introduced. She seemed supportive of my current project: hhhmmmmm….rare to meet a fellow literary woman interested in the same area of human existence. I liked her a lot.

All sorts there. Neil was there. He thinks I have too many shoes (50 odd at last count) and I worry what he will do when it really gets hot and has no flip flops. One pair of shoes for all seasons?

I am avoiding writing. Neil has noticed. I did gardening this morning and walked around Roundwood Park.

Detox going badly. Coffee, wine and lunch with  a handsome man today. Sheeet.

On the tube home a woman opposite said “Monique!” – it was my friend Katie Sampson’s Mum, wife of writer Anthony Sampson.

Funny, eh? Small world.


~ by moniqueroffey on June 4, 2009.

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