RLF Celebrates 10 years

Just back from the RLF summer party. The good RLF has been in operation for TEN years. Hilary Spurling gave a talk, A witty sonnet was read out. We drank and raised a glass.  This is my fourth RLF summer party and my last. I’ve had three good years with the RLF (Royal Literary Fund) and have written a novel thanks to their support. They are  a great force in the literary world. Me and Neil will miss their pay cheques. Both of us will now turn to a heady mix of painting and decorating, gambling and sex work to pay the rent.

I met lots of nice people at the party. Sue Teddern, screenwriter, and lovely tutor from Arvon days, Jean McNeil, author, glamour model, Martyn Bedford, who says he has just finished a novel for teenagers. Also, a great hero, Carol Angiers. She is the biographer of Jean Rhys.

Nice party.

On the way home spotted Georgie dropping off some cash and books, one by Kitty Churchll, the other by Suzannah Portnoy.

I got business cards done too. By Moo. 200 done – all completely ruined by my poor IT skills.



~ by moniqueroffey on June 16, 2009.

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