To be or not to be

Yes, I finally saw it happen. An actor step out onto the boards and say those immortal words: and yes, this actor pulled it off. That actor was Jude Law last Saturday at the Wynhdams Theatre, Charing Cross Road. he also said: Alas, poor Yorrick. I knew him. Skull in hand.

Hamlet is a long play. Three hours. We went to a matinee performance on a hot sunny day, we sat in a row of seats right at the back of the second circle. And yet we sat through the entire performance riveted.

Good fencing. Polonius was great. The ghost was spooky. Orphelia was only okay, though.  I’d happily see the play all over again.

Meanwhile, the weekend also saw the wedding of two great friends, Matthew Bowes and Kate Ellis. It was a huge honour to be present and witness to their formal ceremony at Islington Town Hall on Upper Street. We ate cake and drank champagne afterwards – and then walked to St John’s on St John Street. I went on to a party in a flat on Cowcross Street afterwards: now that’s my dream London location.  EC2. Yes, that’s where I’d live if I could choose anywhere to reside in London.

Last night, lushious tantrikas Tom Sperring and Georgie Davey came over for dinner. We ate pasta and fruit salad and I read them excerpts of my current book, a memoir called With the Kisses of his Mouth. We discussed our future trip to the South of France in July.

Today is a clear writing day. Hooray.


~ by moniqueroffey on June 16, 2009.

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