Reviews – here they come

My first review has just appeared in August edition of Elle.

Heart-rending and thought-provoking, you will never again see the Caribbean as just another holiday destination.”

Awaiting reviews is a heart-rending and thought-provoking time for any writer.  The White Woman on the Green Bicycle (Simon and Schuster UK) will be launched and hit the shops next week. From now onwards it’s review time.  I’m pretty glad I’ll be away for half of the next six weeks, first in France and then in Skyros, Greece.

My novel does much to dispel the notion of the Caribbean as Paradise. I dislike the boutique hotel, rum and Coca-cola Harry Belafonte, palm trees and calypso, branded for tourists image of the Caribbean.

Genocide. Slavery. Indenture. Colonialsm. Corruption. Piracy – ancient and modern. These are the realities of the history and the making of society of Trinidad.  The Caribbean has a dark history – much based on crime. Crime is still prevelant today. In Trinidad,  2009, the murder count is a daily announcemnt on the radio, just like the pollen count is here in the UK.

My novel has a nostaligic and romantic title and cover;  you might mistake it for some kind of a historical romance – which to some extent it is – but it also aims to debunk the myths about such an exotic and beautiful place. Trinidad is indeed beautiful – and dangerous.


~ by moniqueroffey on July 2, 2009.

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