Global Village at the Purcell Room

Last night, Tell Tales, The Global Village went big. Congrats Courttia and Sharmilla. Your literary baby, which you’ve been growing and nurturing quietly and confidently, for years, just came of age. The short story has arrived – and taken to the centre – on one of London’s most prestigious stages, the Purcell Room on the Southbank.

The event was part of the London Literature Festival 2009, a new festival which is gathering in size and prestige. Three of those who read I edited for the Tell Tales, The Global Village, anthology. They were Sophie Wolley, reading her sci-fi adventure story Elusive Arthur, Adam Thorpe, reading his story Pressed Flower and Caribbean short story supremo Olive Senior who read Silent, a story about gang violence, seen through the POV of a child in downtown Kingston, Jamaica.

The other three writers who read were Gemma Weekes, Courttia Newland and Manzu Islam.

This was more than just a group of readings. Music was dubbed under the stories and images projected overhead; the effects combined to enhance the whole feel of the story. Each was more of a performance.  Sophie Woolley, as usual, was spectacular as she cavorted on and off the stage in a frilly dress and army boots.

I went with my lovely friend and ex-Lancaster MA comrade the multi-award winning author Justin Hill. Justin and I wrote our first novels together on the MA at Lancaster ten years ago. Justin is handsome man, bald as an egg, an eccentric and literary Woody Harleson. He wore a purple velvet jacket, stripey tie and matching hanky last night (the last time we met it was bermuda shorts and baseball cap). After a lull in publication, we are both publishing again – both on diets too. Never mind the diets. After the event we drank proseco and ate duck pate on mini-toasts and caught up.

It wa s lovely to see Olive Senior again too, who graciously gave me a cover quote for my book. Great evening – I was so proud of this bunch and honoured to be associated with these  good people.


~ by moniqueroffey on July 3, 2009.

One Response to “Global Village at the Purcell Room”

  1. You should be proud of the part you played in co-editing this collection, so congratulations to you too.

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