5 riddums

For the last three Saturday nights I’ve been dancing at Sue Rickard’s 5 Rhythms night in Tufnell Park. For the last five Sundays I’ve woken up stiff as a board – due to the three hours of dancing non stop.

While 5 Rhythms dancing is nothing new, I feel it has been the best new thing I’ve tried in years. It was devised by the dancer Gabrielle Roth over ten years ago and she has a centre in New York. Occasionallly, she comes to the UK; most of the teachers/DJs here were trained by Roth. Why do I like it?

Cos last night I danced with a massive hippie with long hair and a long beard and we danced wildly for one track, most of it staccato, me jumping up and down under his long beard. Because I also danced with a beautiful free-wild woman with a red dress. And a man with big hands, another with fast feet. With beautiful Seth; we danced the tango. And with Simon, dear Simon.  I love it cos, as Sue said last week, it is a place to come to ‘sweat your problems’. Three hours of dancing leaves you excstatic, cleared of all ills. It is like taking a big pill of garlic and seratonin and ginseng. It leaves the head empty. The skin fizzing. The spirits soaring.

There are always lots of nice folk from tantra world there too. Last night the vivacious Leora Lightwoman was on the floor. Yay.

I like to arrive alone and leave alone and eat fat juicy red grapes on the way back on the overland to Willesden. It is my secret Saturday night life these days. I hardly dare blog about it.

Don’t go. It’s not fun. You wouldn’t like it.  Mad people there. Qui moi?


~ by moniqueroffey on July 12, 2009.

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