DBC Dude

Just back from The Queen Elizabeth Hall and watching DCB Pierre read a short story set in Trinidad. Despite his Adolf Hitler moustache, the man’s a dude. (Birdie num num, he said, weirdly. It was funny). His story was vivid, sad, and funny. The character he wrote about, a man who lived under his office called David Cox, seemed like such a familiar Trinidadian everyman; limer, chancer, raconteur, a no man who ends up on TV with Miss Universe. Friends of mine in Trinidad know DBC – as does my mate Sarah Hall.

Jeanette Winterson also read, a story about a dog. I love her. Almost shouted this out. I love you0000. Woof. Oh, dear. Glad Kamillla Shamsie is now well entrenched in the A-list. Diran Adebyao,  I fear was outclassed. He rambled.

I came home to Rollinson watching telly. We talked about how there seems to be two types of writers: eccentric, ne’er do wells (like us) – and worthy squares.  We talked about how I must hide my computer from the tax man who is threatening to seize my goods and assets. Rollinson has shaved off his beard. He almost looks baby-faced. Almost.

Rollinson is also Dirty But Clean.


~ by moniqueroffey on July 14, 2009.

2 Responses to “DBC Dude”

  1. Am I to take it that Barrack is out of his depth aswell?

  2. In light of how out of my depth I apparently was, I read your book. Perhaps we could share inflatable armbands?


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