The Naked City

Just back from Cap D’Agde, in the South of France, a place often spoken of as the Naked City. Originally a naturist colony, in the 60s it was then expanded to include a huge purpose built holiday resort which included accomodation, shops and night clubs. Today, the 60s architecture is somewhat outdated, ressembling an abandond Olympic Village. Our ‘apartment’ was damp and ponged of cabbage, the decor was dilapidated and cheap, (think plastic flowers and soft porn pics on the walls) – despite all this we payed Belgravia prices. Everyone was more or less naked – very orange and naked. Shopping in the nude was a first – for me.

I went with two glamorous and peaceable tanrikas, Tom and Georgie who made the trip (research for the next book,  a memoir With the Kisses of his Mouth) very enjoyable indeed. The beach was a long stretch of powdered sand. The sea was mostly calm – excpet for the last two days when it was so rough that we watched, horrified, as a man out in a boat cap-sized and was pulled from the sea quite dead. His body lay in the beach wrappd like a mummy for over an hour while naked people ambled past.

Of course we visited the infamous lap-dancing club, the Melrose Cafe and Glamour and L’ Extasia, some of the most lavish ‘libertine’ clubs in the world.  I guess I can’t report more right now about our trip cos I’m saving that for the memoir. Enough said it was educational and er…liberating. Ooh la la.

Next week off to teach for Arvon with Lemn Sissay.


~ by moniqueroffey on July 25, 2009.

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