Lemn, rain and Arvon

Here I am again, teaching for Arvon. I tried running (ok, jogging) this morning – but I was watched by some rather quizzical and newly shorn sheep.  Gave up due to muddly lanes and didn’t want to ruin my plimmies. Ate bacon sarnie and strong coffee for breakfast. Yum. Pearl has shot up. Kerry and Pete and wonderful. Dan has a goatee and looks like a 50s movie star. This morning Lemn (Sissay) and I were having our daily check-in chat and he saw Darren, the cat, chasing and playing with a mouse. It was funny. So urban. He’d never seen the cat/mouse in situ real life gory thing before – neither had I once. Lemn has a cool green Kangol hat and green Converse shoes.

Lemn is another dude. Last night we both read. When Kerry asked us about how much we used autobiography in our writing Lemn told us the story of his past. It was riveting.

We are having a good week. Ten years ago, to the day – I did my first Arvon Course. I was a student on a Fiction course taught by Andrew Miller.  Three of us (Miller’s babes) have gone on to be published and two of us (me and Donna Daley Clarke) have gone on to tutor for Arvon. In the last ten years Arvon has been my literary home and place of my apprenticeship to the pen. I have been Arvon student, mentee, Centre Director and tutor. I love Arvon – but sadly, this will be my last visit to an Arvon centre for some time, if ever again.

Meanwhile, Drew Gummerson arrives tonight to read his short story from TT4, all about Iraq – and a character he calls the ass-destroyer. 

Lunch is served. It is raining.


~ by moniqueroffey on July 29, 2009.

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