Foyles Like Me

I’ve had  a fairly grim day – for various reasons. But came home to nice news. Foyles like me! And guess what – I’ve always liked Foyles.  So it’s perked me up that I’m currently a fave on their website. And soon to be a Staff Pick. There’s an article I wrote about my novel on their fiction website too. 

There was a time, when my ex, Ian Marchant, ran Quinto on the Charing Cross Road that I used to frequent Foyles on a regular basis. In those days they still had the queueing system.  I’d get lost for hours. Buying a book at Foyles then was a literary expedition.   

Bookshops have stories, don’t they? Don’t get me started about The Travel Bookshop in W11.

Which reminds me, Portobello Books closed down eighteen monhts ago – I have been fantasising about buying it and running it as a cafe/bookshop/co-op/drop in centre for writers with writers block etc.

I’m rambling now. I must go to bed.

Long day.





~ by moniqueroffey on August 3, 2009.

One Response to “Foyles Like Me”

  1. I worked at Foyles at the end of the 70s, when its attitude to business and staff relations was somewhat through the looking-glass to say the least. Almost no-one worked for more than six months lest union power take root, an interest in what you were selling was actively discouraged (and staff were distributed accordingly) and that payments system was a hotbed of corruption and ad-hoc wage-enhancement. Everyone was interviewed personally by Christina Foyle – if she liked you she offeered you a job – or rather, told you to start tomorrow – if not, you got a second interview with a minion whiose job it was to tell you you were no good. Not for nothing was she known as The Red Queen of Charing Cross Road – it certainly didn’t reflect her political views. Loads of fun though. Brilliant esprit de corps… you started in packing and ended in packing, but inbetween could make large amounts of commission if you were lucky (particularly in the academic departments and in the run-up to Christmas). Your only training came from fellow inmates – sorry, should have said, but it was much more like doing a six-month stretch in a particularly benign penitentiary…

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