Death of a Writer

By now news of the death of the writer Tim Guest has been made public. I heard about it a few days ago. Tim was a great writer. His memoir My Life in Orange was a fine example of solid and unsentimental memoir, an account of his childhood, spent mostly in communes in Pune and Oregan and Suffolk, here in the UK. He grew up wearing mostly orange clothes, his sanyassin name being Yogesh. Tim wrote with unstinting clarity and maturity about his years living in these communes. When loping up to writing my own memoir, Tim’s book was one of the few I have drawn on.

Tim and his ex partner, a good mate of mine, often came to help us run Totleigh Barton, in Devon. Reliable and good natured, bookish too, he was a natural at the job. When we left Totleigh, we knew it was in safe hands with Tim and my mate. They were a writer team, just like us. Quite a lot better looking, though.

I have only recenly met Tim’s Mum, Anne Geraghty, who has also written a memoir which includes her acount of the communes, In the Dark and Still Moving. I have liked Anne tremendously. My thoughts and prayers are with Anne and her husband Martyn and all those who knew and loved Tim.  Last time I saw him was in my local, The Island,  in Kensal Rise. He was happy and relaxed and we chatted about books. Tim was also a book man. The literary world has lost a rising star.


~ by moniqueroffey on August 7, 2009.

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