Skyros Demos

I’m off to teach at the Writer’s Lab in Skyros for the next two weeks. Posts may slow down. Founded by famous psyco-therapist Dr Dina Glouberman (The Joy of Burn Out)  and her ex-partner Dr Yannis Andricopoulos, a political journalist and editor who has also published books in the UK and Greece. Between them they have enough brains, looks and charisma to found a city. Instead, they co-founded Skyros 30 years ago as the first ‘alternative’ lifestyle package holiday. There are two centres, The Skyros Centre itself, in the town, and Atzitza Bay. Both offer a mixture of yoga, self-development work – and of course, creative writing.  Many well known authors have taught there over the last 30 years. I have a big class this year, (17)  and will be teaching in the centre, in the tavernas and maybe even on the beach. It’s Arvon by the beach via some 5 riddums and psycho-drama. Every morning there will be a group meeting – called demos. Natch. We all ‘co-listen’. There are horses, sacred trees and a secluded  nudist beach. Old men, real shepherds, still wear traditional dress. They drink coffee in the tavernas and stare at modern women as if they are aliens. Skyros is a matriarchal culture. Women own the houses in the town.  Men own the land. There are hundreds of churches and many cats and lots of good local wine. I plan to skip yoga and run on the beach every morning – and will take laptop to do my 1000 words a day.

Love Skyros. Back in two weeks.


~ by moniqueroffey on August 8, 2009.

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