London Kills Me

I’m back in London after six weeks of travelIing over the summer. Some of it was teaching (Skyros, Arvon), some of it was research for the new book (more of this in the next post), one week of it was in Trinidad to launch WWOGB.

But life in London (or is it just my life in London?) is bonkers and hectic. On landing I lost my purse, tube pass and (hard earnt) driving licence on my Air Monarch 369. A day later, I stepped on the scales to see I’d put on a whopping 10lbs over the summer (all the Greek beer, French wine, cheese and St James roti). Gobsmacked, I immediately booked in for a crash course of collonics and will sooon go on a strict green veg only fast. For the last three days I’ve been eating lots of fish and sweet potatoes (low GI) in preparaton for the fast. My trainer, the wonderful Andre, is not impressed. On Friday, I puffed around the track. I have also hurled myself into 5 rhythms dancing, almost spraining a muscle in my back. And then on Saturday night I got locked out of my house and had to go on holiday to a maste’s  house for 24 hours. There, I ate lots of pop corn and watched tons of televsion and was looked after by a very hospitable Kiwi man called Simon.

Tonight, I started my classes in theology and bible studies at Trinity House in Southwark; they are run by the Anglican Church. Our first classes are on the Old Testament. Tonight was Exodus. Fasinating stuff. I haven’t read the Bible in years – but somehow I knew, just innately knew, most of what we covered. Our teacher is a very aimbale woman, a female vicar, the class full of boisterous characters, including Barbara, a wonderful black feminist who keeps stopping class to enquire where the woman were in all of this story of exodus. I’m the only Roman Catholic in the class. Discuss.

On the coming weekend Rose and I will go on pilgrimage to the two black madonnas in our neighbourhood of Willesden. Our Lady of Willesden is in fact two streets away.  This pilgrimage will be the subject of my next post. Watch this space!


~ by moniqueroffey on September 23, 2009.

2 Responses to “London Kills Me”

  1. Have you seen the black madonna at the Tortuga Church in the Montserrat hills here in Trinidad? there is an annual festival to honour her. There is also a stained glass window depicting Mary Magdalene with hair down to the floor and the costume of a disciple. The windows all came from Toulouse. All recently restored in France.

  2. No – sounds amazing – I’d love to go. Thank you.

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