WWOGB – the movie

Ahhhh, it’s lovely hearing from readers around the world. Gratifying to know that people in South Africa, the USA and Australia, even Dublin are buying and reading this book. Bless you all. It makes me happy. One person has brought up the subject of a movie deal….oh….you know it’s such a non-reality that I haven’t even fantasised about this happening.

So today I allowed myself to sit and think, if I could choose any actress, who would play Sabine, who would it be? And who would play George, who would play some of the other characters…and as for Manning, Sparrow, Lara…would they have cameo walk on parts as in the book? Wouldn’t that be great?  Who would play Eric Williams….and would it be shot in Trinidad? Yes, I’d insist on that. Who would direct?

oh, gawd…..

Old George – would have to be Michael Caine

Young George – Jude Law?

Old Sabine – Laren Bacal

Young Sabine – Scarlett Johanssen

 All the other actors would be played by actors from the Caribbean.  (Getting the accent right would be important).

Horace Ove would direct. Him or Sam Mendes.

Fantasies, fantasies.


~ by moniqueroffey on October 9, 2009.

2 Responses to “WWOGB – the movie”

  1. good casting. exactly the cast I would give this.

  2. Snap!

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