Bum on a shutter

I’m reading two good books at the moment. The Genesis Secret, by Tom Knox, who is really my old friend of 20 years, Sean Thomas. Sean, a literary author, made the swap to the Dan Brown thriller market last year- a move to be appluaded. He’s much richer now – and plans to take me to dine at The Groucho next week. (I’ve some relic hunting stories of my own to impress him with). I’ve only just started his book, but have already come across a brutal murder where man is found dead and clutching a human tongue in one hand…

I’m also devouring Breakfast with Socrates by Robert-Rowland-Smith, a philosopher dude and new friend.  I met Robert in June when he taught a course on Love at The School of Life in Bloomsbury.  I attended his book launch last night – in the very modern and New York loft type offiices of Profile Books, just off Exmouth Market. Some nice people there from the School of Life, and I chatted briefly to a burly American-sounding journalist called Cosmo, who of course was Cosmo Landeseman. While I know little (cept the obvious) about him, I have heard  that his mother, Fran, is an amazing poet.

Robert’s new book is a guide from breakfast to bedtime through the ideas and thoughts of Socrates and many other great thinkers. Of course, I immediately turned to the chapter on sex – and then to the chapter on parties. Both were – er – illuminating. I usually find these ‘accessible’ modern philosophy books anything but – usually they are still too stiffly highbow, moribund or just plain weird. But Robert’s book is clever and witty and personal and has a whiff of magic about it. The dude can write.

Having spent the past four years with my head down – writing two books (my erotic memoir will be published in the spring of 2011), I have stopped reading for pleasure. Instead, I have read the entire post-colonial Caribbean canon of literature and contemporary politics, followed by – many books on sex and love.

While these have been interesting bodies of work to pursue (currently under my bed, The Karma Sutra, The Holy Blood and The Holy Grail), I’m gagging to relaxe again – and just read anything I like.

And so, I’m planning to do nothing but read next year. Just read and feed. Like the late John Osborne, I will not write  the word BUM on a shutter unless its for lots of cash. (Okay for cash, any cash, I’d write BUM on anything). But – ah yes – next year will be my year of books. 

I will live on books, rum and Carrs water biscuits and move into a caravan if need be.


~ by moniqueroffey on October 23, 2009.

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