Biking from Williams to Manning

Trinidad has a new online newspaper. Please read it; its very lively. Its called the

The lovely Cedriann J. Martin interviewed me in September in Trinidad for The Express newspaper.  But she interviewed me again before I left – for the tnttimes, (at that point not yet up and running). Her interview appears in the online newspaper’s launch issue. It’s called Biking from Williams to Manning. In it, I talk frankly about some of the bold decisions I made in writing this book.

You can read the interview here.

Comments most welcome.


~ by moniqueroffey on October 28, 2009.

4 Responses to “Biking from Williams to Manning”

  1. Re the Biking interview, you mentioned wanting to “show and not tell” in WWOGB. You surpassed that. Your description of Eric Williams as a teacher who made complex matters accessible could be applied to the way you wrote WWOGB. It reads quickly while covering much difficult territory. It is deceptively easy to read. The book never lags to preach, but we see everything. And there are no sides taken. The characters all speak for themselves. We are that close to the story.

  2. Gosh, wonderful to come home to read this. Thank you.

  3. All true. Oh, I forgot to say I loved the book. After reading WWOGB, I regretted having been a week early for your reading at the Normandie. I’m never early; and I strive to never be early again.

  4. Unfortunately, the link to the article appears to be broken – I’d love to read about those bold choices you made. I’m an expat living in Bangladesh and picked your book at a book club meeting, a month ago. I devoured it. I adored it. And I’m so happy that I chose to ignore some of the other readers’ comments about your choice of telling the end of the story first. I decided to trust you, and I was right. I loved how you used different narrative points of view to tell the story, something that might unsettle at first, but made total sense, in my opinion (something I will defend at the next book club meeting.) I loved the language, lush as the island itself, the unforgettable characters and the way they deal – or as little as possible – with history in the making, loved the way you touch so many themes – marriage, love, colonialism, issues of identity, history, the loss of self, and so much more. Thank you for a very beautiful novel.

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