Snow and the ginger cat

Having one of those weeks. Wheezy with the remnants of a cold. My ladlady has just told me I have to move out for two weeks in February. The ginger cat opposite the road is sitting patiently, as it does, every morning, waiting to be let in. I watch this cat every morning. Quiet, dignified. Curled up in a ball on the doorstep. There are least fifteen people living in that house. They sleep late. and so the cat waits for an hour, at least, sometimes longer, every morning of its life. Where has it been all night? I worry for it, when it gets really cold. Where does it sleep when it snows?

And so I wake up this morning to find my blog it snowing! My Christmas web fairy has taken some artistic licence. I would prefer giant-sized flakes, myself, those pretty hexagonal crystals – Paul, can you manage that?

While writing this post, the cat has disappeared. Time for more coffee and toast.


~ by moniqueroffey on December 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “Snow and the ginger cat”

  1. The ginger cat made me think of a book intro I had read too long ago. It spoke of women writers watching and waiting in sitting rooms–a kind of death, but also a preparation, for fiction writing. Repression and all that payback…

    I suppose all waiting happens in a draft, empty and howling. And all the simple cat wants is some warmth it doesn’t have to make for itself.

    Hope you feel better. Hope they let the poor creature in.

  2. Are you a writer, too, Kathryn?
    You sound like one.

  3. I sure hope so… The alternative: I’m just strange and depressing. And then what? I’m trying to get into an MFA in Creative Writing program next Fall.

  4. Good luck. Are you a Trinidadian too?

  5. Yes. I’m not a typical Trini, but we grew up with the same Maraval hills. And my grandfather worked with your dad at Furness many moons ago. So we go back–at least through the hills and the family trees. You take care.

  6. Wow.

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