The end of the affair

It’s all over. I feel bereft. Euphoric. Good. Sad. I’m pleased with myself. What a journey. Yeah, blah, blah. I guess every writer knows this feeling, when he or she has written the last words of a big book. Neil Rollinson, my flatmate was there when it happened. He understood. Same for poets when they hand in a collection which has taken them three, four, five years. It’s a strong yet mixed feeling:  pride, incredule, fear and somewhere, just like a lover who has left or a love affair gone cool, I miss it already. I miss the experience of being with this book.

Yesterday, 13th December 2009, I wrote the last words of With the Kisses of His Mouth. It’s the best thing I’ve written yet.

My editor has aleady read over half of it and given me some detailed notes, so today, after being tortured in the gymn by Andre, I sit to my first round of edits. Yeah. no rest for the wikid. I will deliver the beast on the 4th of January.

Chin, chin.


~ by moniqueroffey on December 14, 2009.

10 Responses to “The end of the affair”

  1. I think you’ve deleted my reply! I didn’t even want to give a hint about my identity, but I did. My wife thinks she once borrowed a green bicycle from Yvette. This would have been in the mid 60s

  2. Very exciting to hear this. There was only one green bike and probably the same one….didn’t delete, this is the first I hear of it!

    Who are you? And who is your wife?

  3. Do you have my email? I worked with Alan in 1962-1966 and we visited Yvette about 9 years ago. We go every year. Will tell you more by email if that’s OK. My wife Mary is reading the book and will check the letters she wrote home at the time. xD

  4. No, I dont have your email. Please send it.

    Are you related to the painter, Peter Doig, by any chance?

  5. I replied by email and mentioned that I’d had a couple of emai replies returned and sent you our email address and suggested we might continue by (private) email. Mary is very much enjoying your book and will write. We ARE Peter’s parents – he was seven when we left in 1966 and has been back for 7 (8?) years, I mentioned this and more in my returned emails.

    x d

  6. there is a place at the bottom of your blogs for (return) email address but maybe you don’t see it? It will work out eventually x d

  7. Peter gave Mary your book for Christmas


  8. think you must be away from your blog for a while?


  9. NO, I just cannot, for the life of me, find your email. Have an idea. Please drop me a line on the Contact Me part of my website, I can get your email from there! Please do.

  10. Got your email but can’t find ‘contact me’ at the end of your web site?? So I’ll leave my email address here and see if it works: ( watch how xplornet is spelt) BTW I had another email returned . When we establish email correspondence I’ll send you a copy of the returned email because Lord knows how many other emails to you are being returned. Looking forward to getting an email from you!


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