The BC Xmas Party

Monday night was the annual British Council Christmas party. I realise I’ve been going for the last six years! Ever since a short story of mine, Finale, was published in New Writing 13 (edited by Ali Smith and Toby Litt). That was back in 2005. I was on their Xmas 2004 party invite list and have been going ever since. Slightly shameful. But actually, I really like going. It’s always a chance to catch up with tons of writers I’ve known over the years, mostly who I met via Arvon. In fact, its a writer’s jamboree. Wall-to-wall poets and authors. This year I went with my great pal Julia Bell and mate of 20 years Sean Thomas, aka Tom Knox

Monday night was no exception. I chatted to all sorts of dudes: poet Roddy Lumsden was there, and we chatted a lot about poerty, about his poem Taste, which I like a lot. The fabulous Stephen Knight was there too, and we chatted about the Goldsmith’s MA. I also finally got to meet Malika Boooker, what a babe. I am due to work with her for English PEN in the new year. Jegsy Sheldon was there, plus a number of regular n’er do wells. And, of course, my wise and beautiful agent Isobel Dixon (ace poet too) was there and it was good to see her.  She has saved my arse from a number of scrapes this year.

I always know the year is coming to an end when I’ve been and gone to the BC Xmas bash. This year it was a bit thinner than usual, the Lit-team there have had a tough year. They are cool people, though. The BC Xmas party somehow gives every year a full stop, a pat on the back, a bit of a party, really.

We drank, chatted, scoffed vol au vents, and then did what seemed sensible. We buggered off to The Groucho Club for G and Ts. Me and Julia smoked outside and then we clung to the bar for ages, talking about love, sex, death and all esle. It was a good night. Christmas is upon me.


~ by moniqueroffey on December 23, 2009.

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