Che and Nin meet

Today was the first day I ventured out since Monday afternoon. The snow has been bad in Harlesden. I got the 220 bus to Shepherd’s Bush and had lunch in the Stone Mason’s Arms with fellow writer Louisa Young  who I last saw at Totleigh Barton years ago. She is author of the Lion Boy books and she is a very clever and interesting person. We discussed managing ageing, the two World Wars, the advent of plastic surgery (for wounded soldiers), sex, alcoholism and racism. Phew.

Currently reading the diaries of Anais Nin, 1931-33. She  wrote diaries for thirty yars, so this is just a section of her diary, the part with Henry and June, of course. She talks a lot of her family home on the Malecon in Cuba and her sessions in analysis with Dr Allendy. God, how glamorous to have been born into  a fine home on the Malecon – and to have been in analysis in the 1930s. Nin is terribly intelligent. Her diaries are perceptive and her writing is poetic.  She loved both Henry and June, in different ways, she was no prude. Henry took her to brothels, she had an affair with  them both. She got married but always had affairs.  She was a woman of the world who trained herself from an early age to know as much as she could about all the arts, about everything in fact.  Her father abandoned his family and she took this very personally. Fascinating woman, really. I wonder if anyone has written a novel about her.

I also woder if anyone has ever written a novel about Che Guevara. I have lots of postcards of him, age thirty-something stuck all over my bedroom cupboards. One of him on a fishing boat with Fidel, a few of him playing golf. When I was in Cuba in November, I heard that he left behind a wife and four children when he was shot at point blank range by an FBI assasin in Bolivia. (no free and fair trail for Che) 

They cut off hs hands, to prove to the world it was really him. Che was asthamtic too, like me. Hacked and coughed his way through a revolution; they didn’t have steroid puffers in those days. 

Of course, Che and Nin never met. But they were alive in the same  era and both wrote diaries. Che wrote The Motorcyle Diaries amongst others.  Must read Che’s diaries too.

I wonder, I wonder, if anyone had ever thought of writing a novel about Che and Nin meeting……wow. Now that would be a dreamy thing – to mesh two diarists of huge charisma together in words. Yeah, bet no one’s ever thought of it, till now.

No need to worry if anyone will snitch this idea. Copyright of this blog!


~ by moniqueroffey on January 8, 2010.

One Response to “Che and Nin meet”

  1. It looks like you’ve just talked yourself into a major project, Monique!! Very interesting post. I’ll try and subscribe.

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