Oh, what a week that was

I’ve just had an incredible ten days. I was back at Totleigh Barton, in Devon, looking after a grand old house. I then heard the news that I have been short-listed – for the Orange Prize. Four days later, I turned forty-five. I went to Cornwall to stay with a friend; I came back.

This week I am a little older and a lot more read . Both feel good. There was a flurry of news stories in the national press. Since then, Tweets, nice book blogs, new friends on Facebook, and sightings of my book everywhere, even on the tube – have all been coming in. I am currently celebrating in a quiet way.  My Mummy is coming out for the ceremony and reading at the Queen Elizabeth Hall. My very talented and unruly private creative writing students are also coming to see me read and are threatening to bring banners and football rattles (they already sent me a bouquet which included oranges). I am thinking about a frock. I pinch myself regularly. I am also in training for a 5k charity run in Battersea Park, Race for Life, for cancer research, so running  a lot keeps me focused on….err….running a lot.

As I write this I am wearing pyjamas. I have an article to write, another book to edit. One of my best friends has advised that I stop letting people know that I spend a lot of time  writing in my pyjamas, like now….so maybe I best get dressed, eh?


~ by moniqueroffey on April 29, 2010.

5 Responses to “Oh, what a week that was”

  1. Dear Mon’ (may I call you Mon’?… I hope so, but seriously?)

    *long story* …So today I was doing some research into character developing yadda yadda, fun stuff, but I came across a gold nugget -you where summoning up how you go about ‘creating characters’… (The Open University, Open Source – Start Writing Fiction, Activity 6 the transcript)

    “I think it’s very much a mixture of accident and design. I think your characters find you in the same way that your idea’s find you. …”

    At the time I was thinking about what the other writers had said about how they go about creating thier characters, thier sources and how we as writers should know (its beneficial) what way of soucring characters best suit us, and I was at a lost mentally and emotionally (dramatic I know) becuase well, I just don’t source Characters in any one mechanical way or with any type of method that I know of…

    But then I read your short piece on the matter and thought YES! Thats me! … thats what happens with me… then I thought, wait a minute, ‘Monique Roffey’ cool name, I should look her up as a relative source of inspiration (somebody who not only inspires me in the work that they do, but even more so because I can actually relate to them – I’ll come back to how I think I relate to you)

    Which lead me to google your name which lead me to your website and to your blog (thats how I got here)

    So, where does one start on a writers website, I clicked on your link ‘Why I Write’ and was just amazed at what you wrote, it was so open, so honest too,… Basically I thought I was the only one who spent time re-playing the mini (or not so mini) disasters in life, in my head, re-thinking of what I could have said to win an argument, what move I could have pulled to win a fight, smart one-liners I could have said before hanging the phone up (it’s usually me who gets the phone hung up in my ear, with the last words said ringing out within me for a time and a half)

    I guess I thought ‘maybe, just maybe I shouldn’t day dream so much, is it healthy?… surely not?… why does my mind wonder so?… I have never met anyone who does the same or has done (this is where I think we relate?)

    As I have often said to a best friend, “either I’m mad or the world around me is, but either way, I just gonna do what I can”

    I thought, I have to Let Monique (just incase I can’t call you Mon’) know that she is not alone, that there are others like her (some might have straight hair though, but me I have little tight afro curls.)

    I have a WordPress blog, but I haven’t updated it in a little while, so I’d like to share a link to a blog that I do update (slightly more often) it’s like a digital notepad for me and those luckily (or not so, depending on what you think of my output) enough to come across it online…


    anyway, finding my way to your blog and website is a blessing, I have been encouraged, and inspired to… just wanted to return the favour or at least inform you of the fact that you are just brillant, curls and all 😉

    Marlon Wint (the imaginist)

  2. Thanks Marlon, for your very nice message. Glad I am at all inspiring.
    yes, you can call me Mon.

  3. Hi Monique, I met you at the Barbican tonight. I couldnt quite place you and thought you was an ex-colleague of mine. After you walked away it clicked. I remembered you from Arvon and Totleigh Barton. I went there and did a course with Kadija George and Courttia Newland in 2002 and I remember you lived at the house. It all made sense why your face and name seemed familiar. Anyway just wanted to wish you all the best. Hope you enjoyed the Michael Clark show.

    Best wishes

    Jason P

  4. ps Arvon was amazing and I have to say it was one of the best experiences of my life.

  5. aha – you were behind the ticket desk, no?

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