Living in an artist’s house

I have found blogging hard these last few months. I have been busy. Or perhaps I am just not  a blogger, not committed? I have been teaching at Totleigh Barton and The Hurst for Arvon with that nice poet Cliff Yates and that young David Flufeder. I have been working on edits of the memoir, due to be published next summer. I have visited Brighton to bounce on castles with my best chum Amanda and her two year old nutter, Willa. I have bought myself a straw trilby for the summer. I have sold another book, wow.  I have been running with Andre, (this morning). And I have been shooting the breeze with Curly, a lot. I like living in her house.

An artist’s house is clean and full of art. A writers house is grubby and full of books.

For the last four months, since April, I have been living in an artist’s house. It is very beautiful and full of good art. The garden is just as the interior, exotic and colourful and full of surprises. Firework aliums and echinaccea, and clambering roses and clematis. I have been teaching out there too. Lovely, of an evening. My students bring humuus and melon and all kinds of goodies to eat.

It’s good for the mental health to live somewhere so aethetically pleasing to the eye.  Though Curly and I have taken to smoking tobacco rollies and drinking the odd beer in the garden. Last night we were at The Island, drinking G and Ts. Summer is a wonderful state of being. Kensal Green is very local. People say hello in the street, everyone knows each other. Caremlo has gone on holiday to Italy for two weeks. Tonight I will blog, for the first time in weeks. then I will read a nice book one of my students sent to me in the post, The Ballad of the Sad Cafe, by Carson McCullers, that Amercian prodigy. I like her work very much.

I must Skpye my mother any day now. I know she will read this. Hello Mum. I’m fine.


~ by moniqueroffey on August 3, 2010.

11 Responses to “Living in an artist’s house”

  1. I have just this minute finished reading ‘The white woman on the green bicycle’ and I wanted to thank and congratulate you on such a complete, complicated and most excellent novel. Marriage and politics in the Garden of Eden…snakes and all! Thank you for a great read!

  2. Hi Monique, it was lovely to meet you last night. I am off to get a copy of The White Woman on the Green Bicycle. I think you’re right about writers’ versus artists’ houses. Though as a writer and a Sunday painter I seem to have piles of books in addition to grubby half finished paintings everywhere!

  3. I am half way through “The White Woman on the Green Bicycle” and am findind it very enjoyable. I went to Trinidad as a young man in 1960 and stayed for 7 glorious years. You could say I was the white man in the green land rover.

  4. I have just finished “The White Woman on the Green Bicycle” and enjoyed it enormously. I am emotionally drained ! I will make some comments later when I have recovered.

  5. Oh Good, please do.

  6. Monique,
    Before I go into some of the personal thoughts I was assailed by when I read the book, can I please be really pedantic and point out three things which I think are factual inacuracies ? 1) When Eric Williams was first elected in 1956 it was not announced on T.V. as a television servise was not available until lete 1960 or early 1961. 2) As I recall the leatherback turtles only come on shore at night during a full moon and not during full sun light.3)
    “The Southern Cross” was not a cruise ship. It was one of a pair of ships,the other being “The Northern Star”, which circumnavigeted the World as regular passenger ships. Some passengers got on and “cruised” to another port but they were,strictly,speaking passenger ships.
    On a wider subject,there was no mention of The Federation of the West Indies and the aid given by Canada by the gift of two ships,
    “The Federal Palm” and ” The Federal Maple” to help communications between the islands of The Federation.Also mention was made about The Queen sending her sister to officiate at the Independence ceremony which is true but the Queen opened the Trinidad Parliament in 1963 or 1964. I remember this as HMY Britannia was tied up at the wharf in P.o S. No mention was made of Sir Solomon Hochoy who was the first Trinidadian Governor of Trinidad.
    Sorry about all of that but as I said I am very pedantic.
    I was deeply impressed by the story and could itentify with many of the characters all of who, I supect,are based on real persons.
    My time in Trinidad,which only lasted seven years was, the most interesting time of my life. I went there to work for a British company in South Trinidad and only left when that company was about to be nationalised which meant that all expats. of which I was one of many, would have no future prospects of promotion. I went to Trinidad with no intention of trying to oppress any one or try to exploint anything. My only intention was to work hard and do my job as best I could for the good of our workers and the company.

    I think I did this and in the course of doing so learned a huge amount about respect,tolerance and dignity. I learned most of this from a Cook I had for three or four years. She was the most self assured,dignified and self reliant person I have ever met.She had been in service all her life ,as had her mother been. All she wanted to be was the best Cook she could be.And she was.Her reward in life was to be good at what she could do best and by being this she was a truly happy and contented person. She was a truly remrkable woman who I will never forget.
    I will never forget my time in Trinidad and the truly wonderful people I met and the life changing things and people I learned to respect greatly.
    I understand things have changed a lot and the Trinidad I went to,and indeed left, no longer exists. However,certain lessons and experiences in life can never change or be forgotten.

  7. I love your book have you plan to write another one?
    Continue your good work.

  8. Just featured you on my blog!

  9. i just finished “green bicycle” yesterday and am still absolutely stunned. Can’t think about anything else. What an achievement! very eager to read your other work

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  11. At this time I am going to do my breakfast, later than having my breakfast coming
    over again to read other news.

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